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New Artist pages enhance event discovery on Ticket Arena

Written by , 20th February 2019

We’re delighted to announce the launch of Artist pages to enhance event discovery across the Ticket Arena website.

Building on functionality that we introduced last year, by adding artists to each of your gig, festival or club-night listings you’ll be making it easier for fans to discover and buy tickets to your events.

Starting today, new artists pages will begin to appear within site searches and as part of a new ‘Artists’ section on any event listing where they have been added.

Fans who click on these new options will be directed to the artist’s hub page, featuring a list of their events and tickets and a selection of related artists’ events for the user to explore and discover.

This is why promoters who take the time to add artists to their own listings will see a significant boost in event discoverability. By doing so, organisers make it simpler for fans to find any listings that feature their favourite artists, find associated acts and then purchase tickets to attend additional events.

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