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Festival fans give Event Genius Pay 5 star reviews

Written by , 4th July 2018

It’s been a busy start to the summer for the Event Genius Pay team. In just a few short months we’ve delivered our award-winning cashless POS solution to tens of thousands of fans at more than ten events so far, with plenty more on the way.

While it’s always a privilege to provide fans with an easier, safer and quicker way to pay using an RFID wristband, it’s extra special to receive the sort of feedback we’ve seen flooding in about Event Genius Pay on our Reviews.co.uk page.

In fact, we’re so proud, we’ve picked out a selection of our favourites that have made all our hard work worth it:

Want your festival fans to experience the cashless revolution? Then contact us for an informal chat, via email or book a demo of Event Genius Pay today.

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