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Wait just two business days to get paid for your ticket sales with Event Genius

Written by , 15th August 2017

Here at Ticket Arena and Event Genius, we’re always looking to improve our services for customers old and new, and today we have a very exciting announcement.

This month we’ve reduced the amount of time it takes us to pay you for your ticket sales to just 2 business days from the end of your event.

So instead of having to wait around to get your hands on your hard-earned cash, we’re now going to be making payments on every single one of our standard business days (Monday – Friday).

How does this compare with our competitors?

While other ticketing agents will take at least 5-7 business days to pay you after an event has taken place, with Event Genius you’ll only have to wait 2 business days to get your money in the bank.

The change is part of our commitment to providing the best online event management platform we can, and just the latest in our long-term plan to improve the client service and experience that we provide.

Where can I see details of these payments?

As we’ll be making payments more often to you, we’re also making it easier to filter, sort, search and report on each of your events in the revamped Finance panel in Event Genius.

On the day we roll-out the changes, all you’ll need to do is log into Event Genius as normal, navigate to the Finance tab and you’ll see the following updates.

Filters: To give you more control over the amount of information displayed at one time, we’ve created four simple filters to make it easy to separate payments that are Due, On Hold, Paid or Failed.

Search and Sort: To make it fast and easy for you to find an individual payment or transaction we’ve added a powerful search function. Simply search an event name, full event date (e.g. Fri 12th May 2017) or a payment amount to find individual transactions. Alternatively, if you want to sort by any of the columns (Event Date, Due Date, etc), just click on the header.

Reports: Beside each transaction you will find an “Actions” button which, when clicked, offers users three choices:

  • Payment Details: A summary of the transactions that the individual payment accounts for.
  • Event Dashboard: A quick navigation tool that will open the associated Event Dashboard in a new browser tab.
  • Event Payment Summary: A detailed summary of each of the payment transactions associated with the attached event. It is possible to download each summary as a CSV file.

Any Questions?

If you’re still unsure about the changes or would like to talk in more detail about our new Finance section please contact our Client Services team on +44 (0) 113 350 4114