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Back to live: COVID-19 ready Access Control from Event Genius

Written by , 20th August 2020

There aren’t many industries that haven’t been hit by this year’s Coronavirus pandemic, but very few as hard as the festival and live events sector. With restrictions the world over starting to ease, now is the time for our industry to be proactive and innovative so we can all get back to live as quickly and as safely as possible. 

Since the pandemic struck, our teams have been working hard creating ideas, best practises and developing new features and functionalities across our platform that will help event organisers of all types to better manage COVID-secure events as we all try to get back to live.  

In this particular blog we’ll be letting you know how Entry Genius, our industry leading access control system can be used to facilitate COVID-secure ingress and audience management at your events. Check out the rest of the articles in our Back to live blog series here.

Contactless entry 

  • Reduce the amount of fan to staff contact through self service ticket scanning terminals. 
  • Utilise digital and mobile app tickets and avoid virus spread through physical tickets. 


Real time reporting 

  • Track and monitor ingress at your event and ensure entry rates are suitable for social distancing and safe audience flow. 

Reduce ‘on the door’ ticketing 

  • Maximise last minute ticket sales without needing a physical box office on site at your venue. 
  • Stay on sale online right up to your event start time (and beyond) selling digital tickets that can be scanned upon entry, reducing face to face box office interactions at your event. 

Manage event capacity and audience flow with Timed Entry ticket redemption

  • Help maintain social distancing by staggering the number of people arriving at your venue with entry time specific ticket options. Tickets are only scannable during their valid time slots. 
  • This can also be used to limit the number of visitors in your venue at any one time by selling visit slot specific tickets, particularly relevant for museums and similar venues where visitor flow is especially important.  

If you’re an event organiser and want to learn more about how Event Genius’ ticketing and access control solutions can help you prepare for a COVID-secure festival, event or venue relaunch, get in touch today on workwithus@eventgenius.co.uk. Our friendly sales team are here to help. 



Guidance surrounding COVID-19 is changing regularly, and as we continue to develop our products and services we will be releasing a series of newsletter updates to keep our clients and partners up to date. Sign up below for all our latest updates.

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