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Boost online ticket sales & awareness with Ambassador App: Rep selling by Ticket Arena

Written by , 5th June 2017

With councils charging more every year for licenses to distribute flyers and Facebook constantly reducing the reach of their paid event adverts, spreading the word about your events at a price you can afford sometimes feel like a rigged system.

To help, Ticket Arena & Event Genius have developed Ambassador app, a powerful and cost effective way to help event organisers and club nights to generate sales and virtual word of mouth for their events.

What is Ambassador App?

Used successfully by massive brands such as Warehouse Project, Hideout Festival, Organised Chaos Events and Parklife Festival, Ambassador app is designed to appeal to students and millennials looking to earn a little extra money (or other incentives), and makes it easy for reps to share and sell tickets to events, via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, SMS or Email, with their friends and contacts.

What Are the Benefits of Ambassador App?

For Promoters:

Ambassador app offers promoters an additional channel that can boost sales and increase engagement with your audience through peer selling and brand ambassadors. By activating Ambassador selling on your events you can:

  • Increase sales with zero outlay or risk.
  • Boost virtual word of mouth without increasing social advertising spend.
  • Unique URL’s for each rep track full sales data from reps (Clicks, Sales & Conversions).
  • Compare rep performance via sales leader boards
  • Collect more customer and demographic data.
  • Eradicate handling of cash.


For Reps and Sellers:

While promoters choose the levels of commission and other incentives that reps and sellers earn, for ambassadors there are numerous additional benefits:

  • Flexible working designed to suit students.
  • Free high value tickets and VIP experiences are often rewards for successful reps.
  • It’s a way to build contacts in the music and club promotion industry.
  • It’s a way to convert a large social media following into cash.
  • Reps are paid directly into their bank account.
  • All transactions are fast & efficient.
  • There’s no need to hold large sums of cash.
  • You can see your own performance, clicks, sales & conversions.


Why choose Ambassador app as your rep sales/selling solution?

Case Study – Organised Chaos:

“The Ambassador app has helped us to increase sales generated by our large staff base, leading to better rep engagement and retention. It’s easy to use and demonstrations to new members of staff are simple and concise.” Dean Edwards – Organised Chaos Events

Organised Chaos are Sheffield’s biggest and most credible student events company who used Ambassador app to help them double the amount of events on their calendar without losing profitability.

Within the first 12 months of using Ambassador app they had a team of over 150 active reps who sold thousands of tickets which made-up over 10% of their total online ticket sales in that period.

Want to talk?

Interested in implementing our Ambassador app for your events? Then please contact our business development team via email or telephone (+44 (0) 113 350 4114).