New Ticket Arena website improves conversions by 18%

Written by , 20th April 2017

It’s been an exciting month for everyone here at Ticket Arena and Event Genius. Just four short weeks ago (19th March) we launched the brand-new Ticket Arena website, and we’ve been delighted with the feedback from both our clients and customers.

With that in mind. we’ve decided to do some digging into our data and take a closer look at some of the trends we’re seeing since we switched on our beautifully designed new site.

We’re seeing more traffic and engagement

We’ve seen a massive 16% increase in sessions and a 5.14% reduction in Ticket Arena’s bounce rate, which means even more of our visitors are engaging with your event pages, which is good news because…

Our customers are making more purchases

We’ve also seen a huge 18.33% increase in the conversion rates on our event pages. Put simply, this means that every time a customer lands on one of your event pages, they are a fifth more likely to make a purchase. When you consider we’re getting well over 2.5 million page views each month, that’s a lot more tickets sold to your events.

This is just month one of our new era and as time goes on we’ll have more data and insights to share with you. For now, make sure that you are getting the most out of our site’s new design by following our handy guide.